The Unique Benefits of Animated Videos as They Apply to Dentists and Their Services

Dentistry is often a hard topic to sell. While people might be interested in keeping their teeth in good order, they’ll often be very careful and cautious about how they approach finding a new dentist. Most will try to find a trusted family dentist, orthodontist, or pediatric practitioner through friends and family, and very few will actually visit a local dentist based on an ad or article they find on their website.

So the question arises, how do beginning dentists find their audience, and how do they locate and get new patients for their practice? The answer applies to many startups and beginning small companies in this age of hi-tech marketing practices: animated videos.

How Do Animated Videos Help Promote a New Business?

Whether you’re a dentist or a new business owner, the benefits of animated videos are clear. A well-designed animated video with a catchy, fast-paced script can engage and captivate your audience from the start, drawing attention to your practice and services, and making you look good without much effort.

In most cases, what’s great about animated videos is that they tell a story. The viewer is taken by the hand and guided through visuals of their issues that lead them to the strong desire for having a solution at hand – which will then be provided through the promoted products and services.

An animated video gives you complete control over the story, the emotional impact it creates, and how you aim to promote your business and services. The power of influence it has over the viewer’s mind often exceeds all expectations, leading viewers to feel compelled to click through to the landing page, buy the product, or even just do some additional research and learn more. The result is that viewers will have a strong reaction and feel like they are reliving the issues that have led them to search for solutions in the first place.

Specific Benefits Related to Dentists

For dentists, in particular, animated videos can represent amazing tools for promoting their practice and educating their patients. They can also serve to establish them as authority figures in their respective practices. Here are just a few ways that a simple animated video can accomplish all that:

  • An animated video can educate both young and older patients on the subject of dental hygiene and preventive practices. Animated videos can show them exactly what happens when they don’t floss or brush their teeth regularly and a well-scripted video can give them all the stats and information about what the complications might entail.
  • Most of the time, a good animated video will capture the attention of potential patients and give you a chance to create a powerful image in their minds about what your practice has to offer. You can promote everything from the image of your logo and the colors associated with your practice, to the detailed benefits of your area of practice and the way your practice stands out from others.
  • Animated videos will show potential clients what you know. Through them, you can convey your knowledge of the most effective dentistry practices and tools, as well as unique procedures and treatments that not many other dentists in your area can tackle.
  • They’ll also promote advantages that you can’t always present on your website or even in a phone conversation. For example, animated videos can play out certain scenarios that your patients might be going through. If you offer emergency services, they can show a patient who is in pain in the middle of the night and is still able to contact your office for assistance. As you can see, there aren’t many limits on what a good animated video can do for your practice.

Using animated videos to Trigger an Emotional Response

As mentioned, animated videos can present stories. But it can also do something a lot better: animated videos trigger strong emotions. Imagine one of the people watching your videos has a strong fear of going to the dentist. Imagine how they feel when the animation they are watching shows them half a dozen good ways that your practice can make them feel safe, assured, and consistently supported while going through procedures that are nearly 100% pain-free.

The general mentality around dentists hasn’t changed for some people, and they still see the dentist’s chair as somewhat of a torture device. Your animated videos can completely change this outlook through strong and compelling visuals that will trigger better emotions in your viewers.

Finally, for viewers who have been neglecting their oral hygiene, the prospect of going to the dentist can be a scary one because of all the complications involved. With a well-designed, creative animation lasting just 2-3 minutes, you can reassure and educate them, effectively transforming their feelings from negative to positive and replacing their fears with genuine hope.