The Ideal Positive Emotional Triggers to Use for Video Marketing Success

Emotions are an important part of our lives, and most people simply can’t function without the intensity of emotional responses being experienced on a regular basis. We feel sad when we’re facing a gloomy part of the day and happy when a friend shows up with a colorful bouquet of flowers.

Life is filled with emotional triggers and responses, and emotions are basically the colors that paint the filters made up of thoughts and assumptions that we place between us and our day-to-day lives. So it’s understandable why marketers would want to use emotional triggers to get us to buy stuff. As a marketer, learning how to use emotional triggers creatively and correctly can be your ticket to some of the highest sales you’ve ever experienced.

Trigger Joy and Amusement

When it comes to video marketing, triggering just about any kind of emotion can work to get the desired result. However, statistics actually show that 40% more social media shares are associated with videos depicting strong positive emotional triggers, rather than those linked to emotions such as fear or concern.

Joy and amusement are two of the best emotions to target. The idea is to create a video and a video script that will include words and situations to encourage joy and humor. These could include a fluffy cat playing with a new toy you’re selling, a beautiful, happy family arriving home to their brand new kitchen appliance (that you’re promoting), or a few images of children playing while their parents have happily signed an advantageous new insurance deal – with your company.

There are countless ways to target responses of personal joy and fulfillment from your audience and throwing in a few jokes will make things even better. Imagine your prospects having a laugh at a particularly good joke in your video that brightened their day. They’re much more likely to share and even subscribe to your channel, than they would be after seeing a boring, monotone promotional clip.

How to Trigger Surprise

Whether or not surprise is actually an emotion on its own continues to be debated, however, there seems to be unanimous agreement that it can be an emotional reaction – or a reaction to another emotion… however you want to think of it. Surprise can be triggered by both positive and negative emotions, but its results are just as powerful every time: the viewer will be shocked into a realization that they hadn’t thought of before, and in the moment, they will most likely be influenced to recognize you as a well-informed authority on the matter.

Triggering surprise is not as difficult as one might think. The idea is to use just about any kind of emotional trigger that can create a surprising circumstance – such as those involving humor, joy, fear or even anger – and require a call to action, such as clicking a link, visiting a website or even something more elaborate like actually buying your product or signing your petition.

The idea is to create a sense of “safety” followed by a surprising twist. For example, if you want to promote a new social networking site you created, you might mention some regular facts about social media followed by a few quick twists about the “dark side” of large social networks and why they might (surprisingly!) be a poor choice for privacy, meeting new people, or feeling secure as an individual.

The Ideal Triggers for Affection and Romance

Affection is one of the easiest emotions to trigger. Romantic affection and love are already there, and all you have to do as a video marketer is to remind the viewer that they are feeling it. Young lovers, for example, will benefit greatly from an inspirational video about the powerful, magical ties created by rings and bracelets, as well as other matching jewelry that your store might be selling.

Another approach is that of renewing lost or withered bonds between couples that have been married for many years. Your approach to the video can hint at “remembering happy memories” and “rekindling the spark of love.”

Trust – The Best Feeling for Companies to Triggers

Trust is probably the best feeling you can consider triggering in your viewers, since it directly relates to their long-term experience with your company. Your audience will feel that you are trustworthy and take immediate action to follow your advice, look up your informative posts, and yes, even buy from you.

Trust can be triggered by targeting the viewer’s main security-related triggers – such as their safety (and the safety of their family), continuity, social and psychological stability, and of course, reliable performance gained from quality products.

With each of these emotional triggers, you have to study your audience closely and find out what their particular demographic likes, hopes, and fears the most.

If you’re selling insurance, you might have better luck targeting males over the age of 40, while bike helmets and sports car accessories may appeal more to the younger generation. Similarly, there are emotional triggers linked to each type of person, based on their age, gender, geographic area, social status as well as other factors. Breaking them down and linking the right emotional triggers to each of them will help you come up with the perfect video scripts and ideas to get them to buy just about anything under the sun.