How to Write Killer Video Scripts to Sell Your Products Fast

Building video scripts can be fun and exciting, and it can be done in a carefree fashion – as long as you’re just scripting a funny skit or a short video about your cat. However, if you want to sell something using video marketing, your script will be extremely essential, and every little word will count. Keeping that in mind, it is essential to know as much as possible about your audience, be creative, use captivating first lines, and keep things simple. Following are a few important tips and recommendations to keep track of regarding these and several other noteworthy concerns.

Know Your Audience

It doesn’t help to sell car insurance to people who don’t have a car, or to promote an expensive brand of grooming products to those who have just lost their jobs and are trying to avoid spending a lot of money. If you want your audience to enjoy your videos and click through to your landing page, you’ll want your script to target the kind of audience that will genuinely be interested in your products.

Before you even start writing your video script, you have to be fully aware of what the person watching will be getting out of it. Which viewers will more likely be interested in what you’re selling? How will the product help them, if they choose to buy it? Are there other alternatives they can (but shouldn’t) consider? What are the top reasons why a viewer might buy your product, even if they’re short on cash?

All these questions and considerations will help you create a typical profile for the type of viewer you are targeting with your video script. Coupled with words and ideas that are best suited to that particular audience, and with a good, catchy delivery to get the viewer’s attention, you can’t go wrong.

Keep Everything Short and Simple

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your scripts short. Because people’s attention spans tend to shorten when watching online videos, it’s easy for most viewers to just click away if the script is too long. Additionally, most viewers actually do click away after just 3-4 seconds of viewing a video, if it’s not catchy enough to grab their attention.

Furthermore, aside from using a friendly, conversational tone, and keeping the text itself short, it’s also a good idea to stick to shorter words, avoid run-on sentences and keep everything as simple as possible. A straightforward message delivered without any embellishment is often the best way to get your audience interested.

Tell a Story and Use Humor

Sometimes making a sale is all about the story. How well can you capture viewers’ attention with what you’re saying? How quickly are you able to get an emotional response out of them? All that will depend on the quality and ingenuity of your story.

Being creative and staying on topic are the most important aspects to consider here. You have to find your voice, make a quick and relevant transition to the story, and ensure that it all goes smoothly. More importantly, make sure the story constantly keeps track of your audience’s expectations and desires. You’ll want the story to basically take viewers from a state of emotional disempowerment – for example, the point where they struggle on a day-to-day basis without owning a proper vehicle – to the point where they see a strong example of how your products (in this case, cars or auto financing options) can and has helped someone dealing with a similar situation as they had.

Ingenuity, spontaneity and context are all key aspects of leading viewers through a successful story with your video script. Also, humor is a great addition to any video, whether you’re telling a story or not. However, you have to remember to use humor wisely, otherwise you risk putting your audience off. Make sure any humorous respites you add will not break your tempo or go off topic. Also, make sure you stick mostly to visual humor while just hinting at it in the script.

Set the Tone and Use Proper Pacing

Finally, it always helps to set a good tone and pacing for your videos, and your script will be of great help with that. You have to make sure that the words and sentences flow easily as you recite them, and make the proper modifications (for example, replacing a longer word for a shorter synonym), in case they don’t. Keep in mind that the video will be going at a speed of around 135-165 words per minute.

Also, the tone and the amount of information you convey through your script will be very essential. You don’t want to add a happy tone to a video talking about the risks that bring about the need for life insurance. You also don’t want viewers to be overwhelmed with a large quantity of complex information – most of which they don’t need right away.

All these tips will help you determine exactly how long and how explicit your script has to be in order to get your viewers’ attention and – more importantly – to get them to buy your products.