How Can Animated Videos Help Real Estate Agents Sell More Houses?

Real estate marketing and video marketing have gone hand in hand for many years now. A good real estate professional knows just how compelling they must be in order to convince buyers and sellers to come to an agreement at the closing table. At the same time, video marketers know just how compelling a simple animation video can be. Put the two together, and you have a harmonious connection of supply and demand that’s seldom found with other types of marketing strategies.

Getting the Word Out

One of the biggest ways that video marketing and animated videos can help a prospective real estate marketer is by promoting their services and their ability to make a difference. As a real estate agent, you can use an animated video to get people to understand the importance of hiring a reliable realtor, find out about the benefits you have to offer, and click through either to follow you on social media, visit your website or give you a call.

Animated videos can create a strong impact that leads potential clients to link your real estate company with their most pressing needs. Whether they have to sell their homes fast, buy a brand new house in a good area or move out of state, the video can capture several different scenarios and create an impression that your service can be the answer they’ve been seeking.

Additionally, a good video script to go with your animated video can change the way people view real estate agents. It can show you in a positive light that makes it clear that you’re not only worth the commission they’ll pay you, but that you can also go the extra mile to ensure they get more than their money’s worth and a lot more than what competing agents can offer.

Animated Videos Can Educate Buyers and Sellers

Another way that animated videos can help you is they can inform and educate your audience about matters concerning everything from their mortgage to the importance of spending more on functional features rather than curb appeal.

The great thing about animations is they give you complete freedom over what you convey and how you convey it. You can create a simple animation showing how sellers can go from owning a large house with huge payments and tax expenses, to owning a smaller, more manageable home that allows them to follow their dreams. Also, you can provide clients with information about how they should view their future mortgage, what they have to take into account before the closing process and how you – as their agent – can help them to promote their homes or find better houses to consider at a lower cost.

By providing them with adequate and useful information, you will establish yourself as a leading figure of authority that they will trust and listen to. As a result, any future information and advice you present will go over far more smoothly – all because a short, 2-3 minute animated video you created, that took off on a well-known video platform.

Aiming for the Best Emotional Response

While home walk-throughs and slideshow videos are great for real estate, animated videos are the best when it comes to obtaining a real emotional response from your clients.

Animated videos can portray artistic representations of real life situations clients can go through, which trigger real life emotions regarding real estate problems. You can show them how foreclosures can be avoided and how you can help them get past scammers who are trying to get to their money.

You can also use animated videos to show the crucial importance of working together with a well-informed real estate professional who knows how the industry works and how to avoid the most debilitating issues regarding paperwork, insurance, and getting the word out for sellers.

Trust and Authority

As mentioned, animated videos will help you become a thought leader. By explaining concepts like interest rates, foreclosure, equity, and short sales in a way that your clients can understand, your videos will ensure a growing level of trust between you and all prospective buyers, tenants, and sellers that you’ll be working with.

However, there is more. Trust is also gained through the compelling stories and evidence that you can present through your videos. Animated videos place you in the unique position of bringing your testimonials to life and presenting real life scenarios when you helped clients overcome their challenges and sell or buy homes while landing the best possible offers. Also, with a good animated video you can present well-researched facts about the industry that will help your clients get the upper hand when it comes to making important decisions.

All these benefits will help build a strong foundation of trust through your authority as an established real estate professional that people in your local area will recognize. As a real estate agent, you’ll find that video marketing and a well-designed, animated video will go a long way toward helping you get your prospects’ attention and get them to call you whenever they have any kind of issue regarding real estate.