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If you tried animated video marketing before with little or no success, you might recognize a mirroring of your own efforts in the following:

Maybe the first time you tried animated video marketing, it was barely becoming a fad. YouTube and Facebook were nowhere near as big as they are today, and content marketing experts mainly preferred written content such as blog posts and press releases. However, even then it was clear that video was going to become huge.

With limited resources and tools, you might have started your own channels on a couple of well-known video sites, but to no avail. Still, the best video editing tools were very expensive at the time. Additionally – and most importantly – there were very few animated video marketing courses or services that were designed to help even those at the beginner to intermediate level.

Even today, there are a lot of challenges with most animated video marketing courses and animated video content creation services:

  1. They can be very expensive.
  2. They don’t teach you nearly enough about how to select your niche and audience.
  3. They focus a lot on the content, but don’t offer enough insight on the marketing part.
  4. They have very little insight to give on how to craft your own winning animated video scripts.
  5. Most importantly, they can’t offer the kind of personalized insight you’ll need as a successful animated video marketer in such a volatile and continually changing industry.

LucidAnimations’ “How to Effectively Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Days”

LucidAnimations’ “How to Effectively Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Days” is a comprehensive animated video marketing course that will go to the core of the necessary understanding you need in order to use animated videos and video marketing as part of your promotion strategy.

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To make it easier for you to understand all the most important concepts and recommendations relating to animated video marketing and to the practical use of the course, the LucidAnimations instructions were divided up into four parts: an overview of the main points discussed by the course and three modules dealing with three of the most important aspects you need to learn as an aspiring animated video marketing entrepreneur:

  1. How to select and target your audience
  2. The different types of animated videos you can use and their business objective
  3. The creative use of words and stories to keep your audience entranced.

The course is designed to gradually ease you into the knowledge and help you grasp everything as easily as possible

You will need no special knowledge in using advanced animation software...

The tools we recommend are easy to learn

You will need no understanding of how to use advanced video editing tools...

The tools we recommend are easy to use

Here’s what a few folks are saying... 

These are a just a few of the folks who have achieved tremendous success with animated video marketing by applying the strategies taught in this course:

Antonio Otalvaro

Founder: Rawshorts.com

Whiteboard Animation Is Easy and Cost-Effective

"Because whiteboard animation videos are so visually captivating and the primary (or complete) text is usually incorporated into the actual video itself, they work well for the world of social media where nearly all videos are viewed without audio."

Brooks Van Norman

Creative Director: HotPepperVideos.com

Explainer videos perfectly capture a clear message that businesses want to send

"Imagine having a 2-minute video that clearly shares your products and services (and the value they offer) to prospective customers, prospective investors, prospective employees and myriad others. Never again will you have to spend valuable time explaining extemporaneously what it is that you do and why exactly it matters."

Brandon Houston

CEO: SwitchVideo.com

The goal of all media is to tell a story. And, really, we’re all storytellers at heart

"[Animation] allows you to bring virtually any idea to life. You’re much less bound by budgets… or even reality. You can dive into a working engine to explain how combustion works. You can shoot off into space to explain gravity. You can explain abstracts like politics (well… you can try), or the economy, or retail flow."

The Modules


Module 1: Understanding Your Animated Video Marketing Target Audience

Here at Lucid Animations, we strongly believe that establishing the profile of your target audience should always be the first step. We’ve found that knowing your audience is the equivalent of having a clear psychological profile of your buyer persona. It shows you everything about their wants and challenges, and addresses them in a practical, engaging fashion. By examining your current customer, you will have all the information needed for kick starting your animated video marketing campaign.

5 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Who are You Making the Animated Video For?
  • Lesson 2: What Do They Want to Know or Achieve?
  • Lesson 3: Why Do They Want What They Want?
  • Lesson 4: What Worries Them About Not Succeeding?
  • Lesson 5: Which Stage Are They in the Buyer's Journey?


Module 2: Video Content Types: What Is Your Animated Video’s Business Objective?

When promoting a product or service as part of your marketing campaign, animated video is one of the most effective methods for convincing potential clients of the value you can offer. ROI can increase, sales can improve, and your animated video posts can lead to improved social media recognition. Top video posts and ads published by recognized brands on Facebook can reach over 1,000 times more users than regular article posts. As a result, knowing which types of videos to use as part of your marketing campaign is essential to your success.

6 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Product Description Video
  • Lesson 2: How-To Video
  • Lesson 3: Product Walkthrough Video
  • Lesson 4: Testimonial Video
  • Lesson 5: FAQs Video
  • Lesson 6: Video Ads


Module 3: Video Storytelling Approach: What Is Your Animated Video’s Look & Feel?

Today, more than a billion people watch videos on YouTube and Facebook every day, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. However, with the average viewer spending about 16 minutes watching videos ads every month, you have to make sure you can create catchy videos that your viewers will appreciate. The video storytelling approach can be a powerful and effective method of using graphics and animation to creatively convey information through video while keeping your audience interested.

7 Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Kinetic Typography
  • Lesson 2: Whiteboard Animation
  • Lesson 3: RSA Animate
  • Lesson 4: Motion Graphics Animation
  • Lesson 5: 2D Animation
  • Lesson 6: 3D Animation
  • Lesson 7: Cut Out Animation

This course will thoroughly explore secrets of the trade...

With help from this course, you will learn all about the details of what your own audience wants and how to tap into it. By doing that, you will establish yourself as the person or company that they go to most often, whenever they want to achieve the thing they desire most – whether that’s a product or service they want to buy, or just some well-presented, practical information that they need.

How to Effectively Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Days

An easy to follow framework for creating and carrying out a profitable animated video marketing strategy

$199 $0

  • Special Launch Pricing LIMITED TIME OFFER
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

Limited Time Offer...

Special Launch Pricing!

How to Effectively Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Days

An easy to follow framework for creating and carrying out a profitable animated video marketing strategy

$199 $0

  • Special Launch Pricing LIMITED TIME OFFER
  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules

You can actually do it this time...

The path to greatness can be achieved far more easily today than it was before. With affordable, completely personalized animated videos and animated video ads that used to cost thousands of dollars to make, you can complete your work with less money and more of the true benefits of a customized animated video campaign.

So, whether you’re trying to promote your new crafting business, or you already have a well-established business and want to grow your online presence, Lucid Animations’ “How to Effectively Create a Profitable Animated Video Marketing Strategy in 30 Days” is the only video course that can truly fit your agenda to a T!