The Imaginative Idealist: Advanced Buyer Persona Audit

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Imaginative idealists are extremely caring individuals. In many cases, they are described as true healers due to their highly intuitive and feeling-driven personalities. They are largely spontaneous, and they value emotions and feelings above all else. They are also highly flexible, rather than being organized, and they see the world through direct perception and idealism, rather than being realistic and judgmental. What Imaginative Idealists want most of all is to see empathy and compassion in the world and to guide others towards these same core values.Imaginative Idealists can become loners when they aren’t being supported. In groups where organization and realism are valued above all else, an Imaginative Idealist can often feel lost and threatened. Also, an important pain point of the Idealist is that they hate being influenced by people who believe there is only one way to do things and who aren’t open to more possibilities.When it comes to dealing with these problems, Imaginative Idealists try to allow themselves to be guided by intuition and feeling, often acting spontaneously and finding unique solutions by themselves. They are private and committed to their beliefs, and they have a depth to their personalities that few people can fully grasp. Through wisdom, understanding and compassion, they are usually able to overcome just about any type of hurdle.Being restricted and being told that there is only one strict way of doing things is not something that an Imaginative Idealist can tolerate. If you try to sell them a product or service through an inflexible approach, they will likely become skeptical of your intentions or of the product’s value and avoid making a buying decision. Also, they will avoid offers that favor some above others. Being highly compassionate, they don’t believe in the “ends justify the means” mentality and will usually seek win-win approaches instead.

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What Is the Imaginative Idealist’s Mindset?

  • What are they trying to achieve and why? Knowing how they frame the world around them will help you strike the appropriate tone when you communicate with them.
  • What are their problems & pain points and how do they overcome them? They won't care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  • What would prevent them from making a buying decision? This is a case of what you don't know can actually hurt you; you must understand this point if you ever hope to win them over as a customer or client.
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What Resonates with the Imaginative Idealist?

  • How can you improve their average day? The value they receive from you is measured in the distance between their undesirable before-state and a desirable after-state that your product or service must provide; your marketing message should clearly communicate this.
  • How much persuasion do they need before making a buying decision? Knowing whether they are more or less inclined to be skeptical (doubt based on insufficient evidence) or cynical (doubt despite sufficient evidence) will be vital in crafting an effective marketing message that translates into increased sales.
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How Does the Imaginative Idealist Behave Throughout the Buyer’s Journey?

  • The Awareness Stage: Recognizing how they uniquely move from being problem-aware to becoming solution-aware will greatly shape your messaging at the top of your marketing funnel.
  • The Consideration Stage: Knowing how they, in particular, synthesize information throughout the middle of your marketing funnel is essential in moving them off the fence and onto making a buying decision.
  • The Decision Stage: Understanding the distinctive way they go about choosing your one product or service that meets their needs is vital so that you don't squander all of your efforts that ultimately led them to your checkout cart or desired conversion at the bottom of your marketing funnel.
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What is the Best Suited Animated Storytelling Approach for the Imaginative Idealist?

  • How does your animated video's look & feel align with your overall marketing strategy? Your product or service should be the primary factor in choosing your animated video's storytelling approach but understanding how to align it with the Imaginative Idealist's Buyer Persona is what separates you from the vast majority of your competition.